Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pain is just weakness leaving the body

I'm pretty bummed today.

I have this thing- this medical thing that's not letting me do whatever I want all the time. See because my bones break- for no apparent reason. One day, I'm fine. The next- I'm limping and wondering what the hell went wrong.

I get MRIs, X-Rays, Nuclear bone scans, bone density scans, and all kinds of lab tests. Same thing every time- I currently have a fractured toe (that I deserved- I jumped over a wall), a fractured hip, and just found out yesterday that my ankle is fractured too.

It was definitely sore, but I didn't realize it was broke. Dang, so just when I thought that I was getting all healed up from the hip fracture, this one hits me. I miss skipping and jumping on my trampoline (with panties, thanks.) and most of all, DANCING.

See- the rest I could live without. I wouldn't even particularly be upset about not being able to skip around if I could still dance. But no- my ankle/hip/toe will have none of that.

I keep thinking I'd be much better off if I could be bubble wrapped and rolled around... but that wouldn't help with the dancing.

Anyhow, since I'm feeling all down and mopey today, I've decided to drink a corona (and by "a", I mean "6") with a lemon and chill this evening, make some kick-ass, soon to be award-winning grilled cheese, and forget about my self-pity for a few hours.

Sound good?


Anonymous said...

It does.

You seem to be adding new meaning to the term "break dancing".

I hope western medical science soon finds a solution to your mysterious malady. In the meantime, i have some folk remedies you might like to try:

hydrogen peroxide;
band aids.

That's it.

Basically, everything i ever had as a child was treated with either a splash of hydrogen peroxide, or the application of a band aid. I'm still here, so there must be something in that canny old folk knowledge, by gum.

Oh, and there was one time the doctor had to stitch bits of my head back together, but, when i got home, mum put a band aid and some peroxide on it, just for good measure.

O.G. said...

That sounds rough...perhaps Dr. Gregory House can help. Have a corona for me...or better yet, I'll have a bourbon for you.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

It does sound good to me.

If you ever get to the point where trampolining sounds good and you feel the need to not wear'm in the phone book.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that totally bites and stuff. I'm sorry that you have to go through that.

Clearly you are fragile. Maybe you should get a tattoo that says that. :)

TC said...

Sounds like a kick-ass plan. I hope it helped!

The Ambiguous Blob said...

gully, Break dancing. Ha!
I am going to try the bandaid thing for sure.

OG, Thanks for drinking te bourbon for me. I could never stomach it.

MJenks, Are you in the SoCal area? Cuz that could happen one day...

Catherinette, I have taken to telling people that I am fragile, like a delicate flower. With a straight face.

TC, It sure did. Only I couldn't make it past 5 beers. Damn lightweight drunk.