Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You look like you could use a little sunshine!

Over Thanksgiving weekend last year, my roommate and I went on a road trip. First, to my mom's house way up in Northern California for karaoke, drunken uncles, and heaps of comfort food. Then, off to milk a cow in the countryside. Next, we visited a closed down haunted inn way up in the mountains. And then, dropped by the most interesting bar we've ever been to. My dog, Regis, was allowed to go in with us. Lovely.

On our way back to Southern California, we stopped over at our friend's house for a tree decorating party and debauchery. After the party was over and most everyone had gone home, a small set of us was still rockin out and wanted to dance dance dance.

Off we went, to Moe's Alley- with our delightful wigs and permagrins ready to party.

The three of us ladies were taking a break out on the back patio when one of the two of them noticed a couple arguing in the corner. I guess it was getting out of hand. There was some shoving and grabbing- no full on punching or anything. A lover's quarrel. The ladies looked concerned. I told them it would be okay- of course at this point, I was in love with everything and had a little trouble remaining upright. The ladies told me to go stop them from arguing.

I waltzed right over to them, got in real close because they were all huddled up to argue as intensely as possible. I looked at them both and sing-songed "You two look like you could use a little sunshine!"

The only possible next step that I saw was to instigate a group hug, let them both try on my wig, and lead them out to the middle of the floor to boogie down with us. They were laughing and having a wonderful time. She looked like Faith Hill and we all got along great.

The couple ended up driving us back home and staying up to dance dance dance with us at the apartment until late at night when I finally told them lights out. Faith kissed me and Regis goodnight and she walked out hand in hand with her man.

Sometimes, all you need is a touch of sunshine to get you out of your funk.


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Aaaawwww! I love this post.

Grant Miller said...

This blog is so bright you need shades.

Anonymous said...

Wigs do have amazing powers.

They should carpet bomb the Middle East with wigs. That would fix everything.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

tee, I love the memory :)

Mr. Miller, Thanks. You've come a long way, baby.

Gully, When I read your comment, I had to do a little pee dance. Seriously- I was picturing the reaction. Buahahaaa

Le Meems said...

Here's a photo of Faith Hill and Regis.

Aren't they cute?


The Ambiguous Blob said...

Meems, I forgot you snapped her picture! She's all blingy and Regis, of course, looks handsome.