Thursday, May 07, 2009

Don't drink and drive

Liquor may lend to forgetfulness, stupidity, and scary partial memories. Case in point:

Wendy and I were out drinking late on a night when we were about 19/20 years old. She decided to drive us home because we had to be at work the next morning. At some point along the deserted highway, I started to feel ill, so she pulled over.

I got out and lost my last keg stand-worth of beer in the gravel while she got out of the drivers seat, fell because she couldn't walk so well, and crawled around the car to where I was. I finished my puking just when she announced that she was too drunk and couldn't see to drive anymore.

So I told her I was ok now and I could finish the trip home. But I couldn't walk so good either, so I crawled around to the drivers seat and pulled myself onto the chair behind the wheel. Great. I was ready to go.

I guess we eventually made it home, because that's where we woke up the next morning- bright and early and ready to serve customers. It's scary to think of how much we risked by driving that drunk.


Philly said...

I try not to think about those days. I wonder sometimes how I got home.
Thanks for reminding me!!


Anonymous said...

Well, you had to drive. You were clearly too drunk to walk.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

Philly, I'm all about providing useful reminders and leading by example :)

gully, Driving is so much easier- no wobbly falling over moments.