Friday, May 22, 2009

Bad decisions

I'm going to make some this weekend.

Off to San Francisco, I go. There are many lady couch surfers I will be meeting up with in the city. Parties, music, dancing (only a little. plomise.), substance abuse... Ah, long weekends. How I love thee.

The Aussie couch surfer who I had super lots of fun with a couple of weeks ago will arrive at my home tonight and we're driving up together in the morning. We've been invited to several parties and I'm not sure which we'll choose. But I'm saving most of my liver, etc. for Sunday night.

For the arrival of the great and powerful Dirt Princess. Praise cheeses, let's share bathroom stalls in crowded clubs and PLEASE remember I'm in there with you this time :)

Can't wait.


Le Meems said...


I love you. LOVE.

I miss your big and beautiful smile already. Lets rage again soon.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

Saturday night! I'm going to try real hard not to embarrass myself at this party. But then, why make futile attempts?

Heather said...

omg I didn't even realize you have your fun blog back!!!! Ahhh, this sounds like so much freakin' fun!!! :)