Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Questions from a Psychoanalyst

I've spent the last several days in the close company of an Australian couch surfer who also happens to be a psycho analyst. Some things she asked me made me a bit uncomfortable- like how I tend to get in the therapist's office when they ask me "how does that make you feel?"

Q: Do you think I'm attractive?
A: Yes. You're lovely
Q: Are you attracted to me?
A: (Oh shit- is she hitting on me? Oh god.) I try not to go there - I'm trying to be a good girlfriend, so I really shouldn't even consider actually BEING attracted to anyone else.

Yay! Passed that one... right? Next was:

Q: Which perfume do you like better- this one... or this one?
A: I like this one better - it's not as spicy as the other
Q: What do you like about this one?
A: It's just more delicious is all.

She put the good one on. The other one smelled like fennel. Phew. And next!

Q: Do you like this dress for the wedding... or this one?
A: Ooooh- that one is gorgeous! Look at the material. It shines. I love the way it falls.
Q: What do you think this dress says about me?
A: It says chic sophistication. Very New York.
Q: Is it too dressy though?
A: It's a wedding. I think it will be fine.
Q: This other one- what does it say about me?
A: It says you know how to have a good time.
Q: Does it make me look slutty?
A: (oh crap.) Not at all- it's just more relaxed than the other one, but still very chic and expensive-looking.
Q: How much does it look like I spent on it?
A: I have no idea. Either dress will be great.
Q: But which one do you think is more expensive?
A: Ummmm... the more relaxed one.
Q: How could you tell?
A: You said it's from Paris and that's a fancy place!

I'm exhausted. Usually I'm asked general questions and can get away with completely generalized answers. I didn't expect to get the third degree from every answer I chose. It was kind of like an inquisition, but a pleasant one where my inquisitor took her shirt off a bunch and showed me what was under her fishnet stockings.


Rassles said...

Jesus, I would have been awful at that. Like every single one of those questions is out of my zone of knowledge.

You handled it well, though.

Anonymous said...


Del-V said...

I think some people ask questions like that just to try to get under your skin, not just in your head.

Philly said...

So which dress did she end up wearing?

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

"It was kind of like an inquisition, but a pleasant one where my inquisitor took her shirt off a bunch and showed me what was under her fishnet stockings."

How do I get that job and are you hiring?

The Ambiguous Blob said...

Rassles, These questions are outside of most of our knowledge. It's some tough stuff to answer!

Gully, NOT fish.

Del-V, I don't think it was intentional to make me uncomfortable. She's just super inquisitive and wants to know the great "WHY"

Philly, The more relaxed, expensive one that wasn't at all slutty.

MJenks, I'll let you know if I need back-up. We're going on a little roadtrip soon and I may need some help with that.

NWO said...

Maybe she should just wear the "shirt off" option?

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

It's like the spanish inquisition. lol