Sunday, September 06, 2009

Too legit to quit

I was just reading a recent post here on the blob blog about how I'm not going to be doing any intentional dating. Well, I haven't gone out of my way, but I have an incredible tendency to fall in love every five minutes.

Can't change my nature, so I just roll with it, Baby.

Since that post many moons ago (3 weeks? 4??), I have had a couple/few mini-romances. Several close encounters of the humankind. But zero true "connections". Two of them, I said "I love you" to. But one was a friend kind of love. She's gorgeous and fun and supportive and a delightful kisser.

The other, I did love in the moment and would have run off with to spend the rest of my week with if he'd encouraged it enough. Yeah, week. Not life. It's just the kind of love I share with guys I met two days ago.

So all this yammering on about how I'm not going to date is really just bullshit. What I should have said is that I'm having commitment issues. But fleeting romance? Bring it on. I hope someone surprises the hell out of me and I'm blinded for more than five minutes at a time.


Sid said...

LOL! And my friends call me fickle. Theoretically I'd LOVE to run away with someone BUT when push comes to shove I'll think of a million excuses.

Scotty said...

delightful kissers = bueno

The Ambiguous Blob said...

Sid, when you've got the time and have been swept off your feet by an equally passionate gentleman, you won't be able to think of even one excuse.

Scotty, you know what goes great with delightful kisses?

Scotty said...

Martinis! Wait, those go well with everything.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

Scotty, that was the answer I was looking for! I would also have accepted "breakfast".

Le Meems said...


You know. How I don't sweat the small stuff. Broken bumpers. Kaput tail lights. Hang nails. Not packing a tent or "walking" shoes.

It's how I approach relationships. I see the big picture. And not the glaring glitches.

Relinquish control and let the ride overtake you. Try things you aren't good at, comfortable with or cause unease.

You, YOU my friend see it all. And its hard to swallow in one sudden lump like a snake swallowing a mouse. Its much more manageable in decent sized bites.

You just have to dive in there and start swallowing. And get over the broken tail light. The bad packing. The ridiculous bumper thats falling off.

Because those little things are easily fixed. And maybe they don't even need fixing, maybe they're fine the way they are - sooooo energy can be spent on things you never even thought of before.

Listen Queen of Hearts, let someone paint your roses red already. Or blue. Or rainbow.

Le Meems said...

It must be said for the record that I have dated some horrible jerks.

so don't listen to me at all, beyond, the roses being painted part.

Painting is fun.
At least the kitchen was fun last Sunday. And I imagine painting flowers would be even more fun.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

Oh Le Meeeeems,
I do want to drop the queen of hearts and trample her on the grass. Let a beautiful prince paint my heart red, blue, yellow with a dash of gold.
Jump into an exciting joyride with an incredibly unreasonable match. Without a safety net, be a wife, a mother, an insatiable lover. Look into his eyes and see our future, his dreams, hear his laughter roaring down the hall.
So I'm ready... Except... The little things- the bumper hanging off- is this indicative of irresponsibility? Will he let other things go? Things like getting to work on time? Will forgetting to pack the beer, bacon, an KY lead into him forgetting our first born at the airport?
I need a happy medium. Meet in the middle and jump in with only 1 eye covered.

jo said...

well i suppose at least you're having some romance and some close encounters of the humankind, fleeting as they might be...

Le Meems said...

Naaaah. Trust that the important stuff is important. and the little things aren't important.

bumper falling off. meh. whatevs. It's fallen off before. Gotten it fixed. It'll fall off again. It's plastic.

But you know whats incredibly real. Michaael Franti playing at Golden Gate Park on Saturday. And broken bumper is taking me here.

Irresponsible? yep
Seizing life by the balls? yep
Not letting the little things whoooo ride what life's all about ... priceless.

You know the one I'm waiting for? He was in love with a married women for 4 years. I can analyze it until the cows come home.

Or I can be mindful of it. Aware of it. And still fullspeed ahead so I can see what happens. Where it goes. But knowledge is power. Sure.

There are always pros and cons to someone's character. Yin to the Yang.

So you've got the little things covered. Let him have other stuff "covered" so there is balance.

I'm rambling dot com right now.