Tuesday, February 02, 2010

How do I get there from here?

I have nearly everything I ever wanted in life. I mean, at one point in my life. I have nearly everything I wanted in early 2003, to be exact.

Recently divorced, I realized I should probably set some new goals for myself. All I really wanted up until that point was to be a fantastic wife and help my husband with his business.

When that went to shit, it was obvious that my ambitions were lacking. So I enrolled in school. Like real college. I was going to double my income every five years. And eventually, I'd make enough money to buy a Dodge Viper.

No, I did not put any silly parameters around what I'd actually do to make the money. Just that I must do this as quickly as possible. I want the Viper before I turn 40.

It wasn't really all that difficult to double my income the first time within five years. I was making a crappy hourly wage doing easy work at a small company in 2003. Doubling it again, though, I've had to stay really focused on the goal.

Every now and then, I revisit this goal- does it still make sense? Is it what I want? Am I happy with the work that I do? How do I look in Blue? Should I get a Viper with silver racing stripes or white?

Yes, I still want this. I have some interest in starting a family, settling down, but I have to pay off these GIGANTIC student loans and pay for my dream car and I'm running out of time. Only 7 years and 5 months until my final cut-off. Eeeek!


Scotty said...

Can I get a ride?

sid said...

Dodge viper?

Great my goals pale in comparison to yours.

I don't really know what I want from life.