Saturday, January 23, 2010

But my dog won't stop barking at nothing

Edit: Added photo of glass ceiling, as requested.

It has been raining in California non-stop for days. There were a couple tornadoes nearby, flooding, mudslides. Southern California especially doesn't do well in the rain.

I was sitting in the lobby of my office building on Monday. The ceiling is made of glass. Who puts a glass ceiling on an office building??? The rain was pouring INSIDE. Not just a little either-there were 17 big trash cans set up to carch the downpour. I kept picturing the entire thing shattering, crushing me into a bloody pulp.

As I stared at the streams of water in front of me, I got a text. My roommate said it was raining INSIDE our house. 4 windows gave way to the storm. She's a bit of a genius and had a set-up going to catch the water so no permanent damage was done to the carpet or to our stuff.

I drive to work on the Pacific Coast Highway. Along the ocean side, most of the way, there are mountains jutting up right next to the highway. Rock slides made the drive a little terrifying. On Thursday, I followed a rock plow on the road for 30 minutes. On my drive home, there were a bunch of disabled cars on the side of the road that had been hit by boulders falling off the mountain.

Yesterday on the same road to work, my check engine light came on. The car kept going though, so I didn't freak out. I'll take it to the dealer today to see what's wrong and cry only as I hand over my debit card when it's all fixed.

For some reason, through all of this strangeness, I'm happy. Have been for days. It feels great to be happy- not that I'm usually mopey or anything. Just not truly happy. I'm more of a content person.

The sun is shining today. Blue sky after so much gray. I'm happy to just be here, alive, breathing, safe, loved.


Scotty said...

A glass *ceiling*!?

Please post pics.

Memento Vivere said...

Totally get it about the happy thing. I'm so happy lately I'm starting to scare myself. Sometimes I border on euphoric. Glad you're happy. Miss you.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I am so glad your are feelinghappy these days.

Now that glass ceiling...I need to see this asap.

Del-V said...

I love you! Does that make you feel better?



WendyB said...

My husband used to tell me it didn't rain in LA. Liar.

Dizz said...

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Bob Dobalina said...

No, your dog won't stop barking. Or peeing. Or licking rust. Or humping feet.

Anonymous said...

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