Monday, August 10, 2009

Costa Rica bound

@LAX. 1 Sapphire & tonic double down, 2 flights to go, 1 very cute boy met... :) :) :)
And off I go.

Just arrived in Houston. Walked outside & looked to see if I was standing near a large generator- what was causing this incredible heat? Nothing. It's nature. 6:30am and the heat is stifling. Incredible. Remind me not to go to Houston in the summertime. Ever.

After 3 or so hours of light sleep on the plane, I fear I will collapse somewhere around baggage claim and sleep through my connection. Will locate coffee to fight the urge of sleep.


Del-V said...

Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a WONDERFUL time and don't drink the water and don't go to any temples where the plants might eat you like they do in The Ruins (even though that takes place in Mexico).

Slyde said...

i cant sleep on a plane at all.

ive tried and tried. im just doomed to be dead tired whenever i get where im going..

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...


Le Meems said...

Oooohkaaaaaay do tell what happened you debaucherous slut of mine


The Ambiguous Blob said...

Del-V, done. Swine flu averted as well ;) I'm feeling better already.

Catherinette, okay, so no Mexican ruins for me.

Slyde, I sleep ok on planes sometimes, but not yesterday.

Tee, yay! Thanks.

Meems, isn't slut taking things a little far? No? You're right. Bahaaaa!!!! I'll maybe write of my debauchery, but we will definitely discuss the hotelier of the Caribbean.

Sid said...

Costa Rica? I hate you!