Friday, July 31, 2009

Surprise Adventure

A couple years ago, my mom and I were visiting San Diego at the same time and wanted to go on an adventure.

My sister lives in Oceanside, so she got a few friends together to take a day trip to Tijuana, Mexico. After parking on the USA side of the country border and walking into the downtown area of Tijuana, I saw a big sign for a night club and my eyes lit up with wonder and excitement. I had never been to a night club in Mexico before!

I said to the group: Oh my god, you guys! Let's go there!
Worried looks were tossed my way from everyone in my vicinity. Probably even passers-by worried for this small group of silly tourists.
My sister flat-out said no. She didn't think it was a good idea.
But I am convincing and was determined.
Come on you guys! Have you ever been to a night club in Mexico and DURING THE DAY??? How exciting! Stop being sticks in the mud. Live a little!

And so, we were ushered in by a very welcoming man who stood at the entrance, just waiting for us to make up our collective minds.

As soon as we walked in, I heard some peppy music playing and squinted my eyes to try and see in the darkened club. I followed the man from the entrance as he led us to a long bench seat against a wall on one side of the room.

I thought it was strange that we were all seated at such a long bench and just as my mom sat down next to me, I looked up and finally, my eyes cooperated to see what we had walked into.

A very young-looking girl was dancing around a pole mostly naked on the stage in front of us. My jaw dropped and my stomach turned. SHIT. I just brought my mom to a seedy strip club in Tijuana.
Just as I was about to get up and high-tail it out of there, my mother leaned over speak firmly into my ear: We are having ONE drink and then we're leaving.

Ahhhh, mom. She didn't want to cause a scene, so she played it cool. My sister glared at me and her friends laughed. Dang. They all knew how much shit they'd be able to give me for practically forcing them to go into a strip club in the middle of the day on a family outing.

When we finished our drinks, we departed and it was unanimously decided that I was no longer allowed to choose activities for the remainder of the day. Probably for the remainder of my life on family outings, actually.


Scotty said...

Verrrrrrryyyyy seedy. I am always surprised at how many bars/clubs are open during the day there.

Bob Dobalina said...

Was she hot?

TC said...

Haha. That's hilarious though. Who wouldn't want a great story like that to tell?!?!

The Ambiguous Blob said...

Scotty, If only I had known...

BobD, I couldn't really bring myself to examine the hotness of the possibly 14 year old naked girl. Sorry.

TC, People who are stuffy and uber-conservative probably wouldn't want anything to do with a story like this :)

Bob Dobalina said...

It's ok Tabs, next time I'll try and be available to examine the hotness. It's what I do.

sid said...

oooooh what awesome family bonding moments you have =)

Slyde said...

taking your mom to a strip club?


The Ambiguous Blob said...

BobD, If there is a "next time", I'm blaming you. Even if you're not there.

Sid, We are so traditional.

Slyde, I know! Haaa.

Liam said...

I vote that you choose all the activities in my outings.

Le Meems said...

THAT place was called The Pussy Cat Lounge... On Revolution, right? I was there at 4am once.