Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bad blood

I used to donate my blood to both the red cross and united blood services regularly. Now they call me about once every two weeks, asking if I'd like to save 2 lives with just one donation. My blood is quite handy because it doesn't have some harmful virus that can kill babies or something. A lot of adults have this virus- it's totally benign to grownups, so you likely wouldn't even know if you were infected.

Anyway. I've never had it, so they're after me all the time to go give up a pint. It gets kind of old to keep turning them down lately with my poor excuses- nope, sorry, just got another tattoo. Have to wait a year. Woops, just went to a malaria area. Have to wait a year. Yikes sorry, I'm just plain defective and may pass this on to someone I'm supposed to be helping.

So when the red cross fella asked me just now if I could donate, I told him I'm not able to donate anymore. Which was easier than going into why. If you've ever donated blood, you know they ask a million personal questions: have you ever shot up drugs? Ever slept with a hooker? Ever been paid for sex? I wonder which he thought I'd done.

At any rate, no more blood donations for now from me. Hopefully you, reader, can go donate. It really does save lives. Plus, free cookies and juice!!!


Memento Vivere said...

I can't donate blood anymore either. For the same reasons as you. Also, I have a rare blood type that can't be given to most people without having them die.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I'm way to scared of needles to voluntarily donate. Yeah, I'mma wuss.

Erik said...


The Ambiguous Blob said...

Oh shit Erik- forgot to tell I've also got the HIV. Better get that checked.

But seriosly... My weird bone disorder is what I'm worried about. I shoot up daily so that can't be healthy, right?

drollgirl said...

i used to work for stupid ucla, and they would let you earn time off for giving blood donations. a little bribery never hurt! bah! sadly the job was such a fucking horror scene that i quit. i haven't donated since. and those questions they ask! they made my face turn red and i KNOW it looked like i was lying. but i wasn't!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he thought that you had slept with a hooker while you were high and you paid for the hooker with money you had just made hooking?

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