Thursday, October 01, 2009

Stoopid week

My week started off badly. Sunday night/Monday morning will go down in the history books of Tabbie for all time as one of the top 10 strangest experiences of my life.

Drinking turns some people into completely psychotic dick noses. I'm not going to go into details here because it's too much to put into writing. Maybe someday when we're sharing our 3rd bottle of champagne (or cap classique) of the night, I'll tell you the story. By then, it will be light-hearted and I'll toss in all of the things that make me giggle about it. I'll leave out the parts where I was afraid for my safety and the part where I thought a friend of mine was for sure about to produce a monstrous amount of puke and/or get arrested in Nevada.

After that night, my week got worse. The drunky drunk friend let some information slip that shouldn't have gotten out. Another friend of mine got her feelings hurt. I hate to see my friends hurting.

HATE it.

But there was really not much I could do about this. So I just sent out a warning signal to the other people involved in the mess that there was, in fact, a mess. And I backed off.

Now, I'm not sure where to turn next. It's like my ability to process friendship information is broken. I love every one of the people involved in this icky mess, but they don't love each other.

People I love are being mean to each other. I HATE this.

Also, there's no goddamned clock on this computer screen. It's some kind of bullshit when I can't even use a computer screen to tell the goddammned time. Fuck you, screen.

Wait. It's not the screen's fault that I'm pissed. Still, I hate this stoopid, worthless screen.


Sid said...

You were afraid for your safely??? What drunk driving? Someone came at you with a knife? Oh the possibilities ...

Scotty said...

Sometimes I just want to shout, 'Can't we just get along?!'

But, that doesn't work too often.

Boo to your computer. What good is a computer without a clock?

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Wow! You've had one hell of a time. Try to stay neutral.

Le Meems said...

Fuck neutral. There're opinions in there somewhere. Let'em out.

You know. Sometimes it's nice to hear how someone really feels. Whether its a hurricane storm or lighthearted pitter patter.

Why is crying ok? Because its vulnerable? Why isn't mad ok?

I think mad is ok. We don't have to be 100% happy always. Its ok to be a real human being with ideas, feelings, love, hate and emotions.

thats why it's called being a real human being.

Now everyone has kissed and made up. But I will say this ...

drinking brings out real feelings that are usually being repressed. I completely choose to be sober when I let out the tank.

It's a good lesson from all of this you hear me refried bean dobalina? you let out your feelings. just not rip roaring drunk. and you too ambig. and ginorm.

we will be a better foursome for it.
god bless.